Getting your home ready for your superbowl party.
Published on: Jan 27, 2017

Are you excited to watch the Patriots and Falcons face off for the NFL championship? If sitting around the television for the game with delicious food and close family and friends is a tradition in your home, you should keep safety in mind as you plan for the sporting event of the season.

Rather than stressing about the amount of work you may think you have to do to make your home nice and clean, you should focus on making all areas and your guests safe. As the host of the Superbowl party, you should make it fun and relaxing with safety always coming first. If you want your get together to go without a hitch, here are some tips to follow:

With today's technological advances, you can invite your guests via email using Evite, text or a simple phone call.

A fun way to greet your guest is by adorning the exterior of your home on game day. Balloons, ribbons and streamers in the colors of your favorite team can mark your property.

Make your decorations colorful and stay on theme with the teams playing. Be careful of fire hazards. Keep streamers and paper decorations away from lit candles.

It may get messy if the game gets intense, so have plenty of paper towels and napkins around to clean up spills to prevent accidental falls.

Have a menu composed of simple finger foods making it easier for everyone to sit by the television. Your buffet table should set the mood for your game day football celebration.

Have one room set aside without a television for party goers who aren't interested in the game and would like to socialize instead.

Plan on plenty of beverages and not only alcohol. Have options so everyone can pace themselves and avoid becoming intoxicated.

Alcoholic beverages typically go hand-in-hand on game day, but as a host, you will be responsible for the liability and welfare of your guests if they imbibe. You need to be a responsible host and ensure that your guests find alternative methods of transportation if they have had too much to drink.

Chatterton Insurance hopes you enjoy your Superbowl party this year with as little stress as possible! These tips are meant to keep your celebration fun and safe. As long as you pay attention to your guests and their needs, they will feel comfortable in your home. The last thing you want to happen is an accident on your property due to failure in preparation. Therefore put safety first the day of the big game!

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