Cooking your Thanksgiving bird!
Published on: Nov 20, 2016

The results of deep frying a turkey are almost always satisfying, that's why it's become such a popular method for cooking up and serving Thanksgiving dinner.  Despite how tasty the results are, there are dangers to consider when doing this. Deep frying turkeys on Thanksgiving result in five deaths, over 50 injuries and the destruction of more than 1,000 homes every year. It is highly advised that you refrain from frying your turkeys and instead cook them in the oven. If you absolutely must fry your bird, be sure to follow instructions and be extremely careful. 
 Never allow the oil to get over 350 degrees or it can easily catch fire.  Always have a thermometer with you to monitor and maintain oil temperature. A fire extinguisher should always be nearby and the oil should be kept far away from any structures. If you experience an oil fire, never pour water on it for it will only make matters worse.  The water hitting the oil will release steam.
The steam will rise the oil out of the pot becoming extremely dangerous.

If you are interested in something other than the traditional oven method of cooking your bird, deep frying may be a great option to consider. Be careful, stay safe and enjoy!

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