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Everyone knows that buying insurance is a must as it can keep you financially whole following significant losses. However, choosing the right coverage for you may not be easy, and you could end up not getting the value for your money. Fortunately, Chatterton Insurance has a team of trusted insurance agents who can help choose the right insurance policy for you. Our agents can offer you the relevant information you need to know and consider before purchasing insurance.

We are also armed with cutting-edge computer hardware and software systems which allow us to provide the most accurate financial protection services possible for our clients. With this, we can also easily offer multiple lines of coverage representing some of the strongest insurance carriers available. Here are the services we provide:

Personal Insurance – This insurance protects the people who matter most in your life from financial hardship if the unexpected happens. It helps your family maintain a decent standard of living if unfortunate events happen to you or your assets. Find out why Chatterton Insurance is the right choice for you and your loved ones. Learn more about personal insurance here.

Business Insurance – Running a business involves risks, including property damage and liability claims. Fixing these problems can result in severe financial loss. This is why you need business insurance, a type of coverage that protects your corporation from failing due to bankruptcy. We ensure you can maintain a stream of income during times when your company is at a loss. Learn more about the factors you must consider for business insurance that you may not know about here.

Real Estate Services – Finding or selling a home can become challenging, but Chatterton Insurance’s real estate experts can make it easier for you. With the knowledge and connections of our agents in the industry, we can help make the buying and selling of properties effortless and trouble-free for you. Learn more about our real estate services here.

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Watch our videos to see how the employees of Chatterton Insurance have been supporting the Rhode Island community for decades. Our Trusted Choice independent insurance agents help our clients make the right choice in terms of life and asset protection.

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