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Change to Chatterton … "Experience the Upgrade"

Change to Chatterton … Experience the Upgrade

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Your Trusted Insurance Agents in Rhode Island

When Chatterton Insurance started back in 1924, it was not unusual for four or five insurance carriers to share in a percentage of fire insurance for a single building or risk. The policies were issued with a typewriter and mimeograph paper back then, but times have changed! Chatterton Insurance is now an expert in risk management and insurance sales—armed with innovative computer hardware and software systems.

We offer wide-ranging lines of coverage representing some of the strongest insurance carriers available. Our company is as comfortable managing the most complex commercial lines risks as advising you on what you should do when adding your teenager to your family auto coverage. Through the years, our company has strived with an aim to continue providing affordable and reliable insurance choices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Our Leaders

Allen H. Chatterton III

In 1983, President Allen joined the family firm as a licensed independent insurance agent. He has a full understanding of the industry and applies the concepts of risk elimination, reduction, transfer, and assumption to solving the problems of our clients. His forensic approach to claims management and risk mitigation gives him a control perspective and a varied overview.
Our current president has an unassailable background in terms of general management, insurance carriers, and client relations in the industry, with an emphasis on property risks. With more than 30 years of being in the industry, he has managed books of business with an annual premium of over $3 million. With a firm ethic in ensuring proper compliance of insurance regulations and carrier guidelines, President Allen has maintained strong relations with many insurance carriers throughout the United States.
Allen H. Chatterton III​

Bintou T. Chatterton

Ms. Chatterton began her employment with Chatterton Insurance after completing her Computer Science Degree at Johnson & Wales University in 2002. The technological advancements in the insurance industry made this a turning point for our corporation. Still, Ms. Chatterton skillfully navigated these turbulent waters for Chatterton Insurance. She efficiently and affordably developed and acquired state-of-the-art management systems that normally would only be the tools of much larger firms.

Ms. Chatterton was also able to establish platforms for digital marketing and social media applications even before most insurance agencies acknowledged the trend. Even now, she is still in charge of our office’s IT procedures. When our Vice President accomplished her first assignment, she used considerable skills to understand and apply causality and property underwriting and risk management sales and procedures.

As the Vice President of the corporation, she has developed confident relationships with our carriers and agency clients. Because of Ms. Chatterton’s knowledgeable presence and advanced business acumen, she is very well known and respected in our industry. Her experience as a first-generation immigrant keeps her laser-focused on excellence. She is Chatterton Insurance’s most valuable asset.

Bintou T. Chatterton​

A Family Business

Chatterton Insurance is a family-owned and operated business. We have been striving to offer financial solutions to people for many years now. But behind those past successful years are the leaders who skillfully guided the company to continue protecting people and their assets. Here are our presidents from the past to the present:


Allen H. Chatterton


Allen H. Chatterton Jr.


Allen H. Chatterton III